13,368 of our neighbors in the greater Seattle area are homeless.

We don't wait for them to come to us. Our Outreach and Search + Rescue teams go out, day and night, to search out and find those who are homeless, hungry, and hurting. We get to know them. We remember their names. We listen to their stories. We meet them where they are with essential supplies to make it through another day and night. And we invite them inside.


As first responders, we collaborate with city and other non-profits to do whatever it takes for our homeless neighbors.


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Search + Rescue vans drive to the darkest places in the greater Seattle area to hand out lifesaving supplies and care to men and women living without shelter. Volunteers give wool blankets, food, water, and other supplies to our homeless neighbors and offer them the opportunity to come inside for a night of safe shelter at the Mission.

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Seattle's first mobile shower offers a 15-minute hot shower, including clean towels, shampoo, conditioner, and soap. It goes to several locations each week in the greater Seattle area. "This is not to make homelessness long-term, but to stop and say we care about you, we haven't forgotten about you, and we want to help you.

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The Mission builds relationships with downtown businesses and individuals to bring mentally disordered people off the streets and into treatment. Men and women have to voluntarily enter treatment, and persuading them is often a long process.

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Help the lost become found

Your gift today helps those who've lost their way find the love and support they need for a new life.


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