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The Mission provides services in Spanish to help one of the fastest-growing populations in the United States: individuals coming from throughout Latin America, looking for better wages, hope, and a new future for their families.

The language barrier makes it difficult for Spanish speakers to find emergency help when they need it. Finding a job or getting help with issues like addiction can seem impossible.
Isolation is another factor. Men and women often face life in the states alone, thousands of miles from their support network of family and friends.

Spanish Ministries provides Spanish-speaking men support and assistance as they work through the challenges of living in a foreign land.

"To overcome language barriers, I communicate with our Spanish-speaking homeless neighbors to share everything that is done at the Mission," Ivan Bracamontes says. "Throughout the week many of the guests come to me to talk about their problems and ask for advice. Others come to me for help because they want to use legal and dental services. All this gives me the opportunity to share the gospel and pray with the guests."

Spanish-language services

  • Clean and sober residential program
  • Finance training and employability
  • One-on-one case management
  • Immigration legal assistance
  • 3 meals per day and all basic needs
  • Emergency shelter beds

Do you have questions about our Spanish Ministries? Get in touch with Ivan — or (206) 622-5177.

Spanish Ministries

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