Continuing Education

Education empowers men and women with the skills they need to break free from homelessness.

Meals. Shelter. Freedom from addiction. Each of these lighten the hearts of those in greatest need, but that light won't blossom into a changed life if the core issues behind these problems aren't solved.

Education is central. Many homeless men and women haven't finished high school.

Even if they're motivated, without the basics of education, they won't be able to find a job to support themselves. Many lack essentials like a high school diploma and basic computer skills. For others, college has always seemed beyond their reach.

We offer education opportunities to men and women in our addiction recovery programs:

  • GED completion programs: We provide men and women with the tools they need to study and pass their high school completion exam.
  • Online courses: Men have the chance to take automated courses to improve their skills.
  • Job skills: We equip women with the basic job skills to secure an office job.
  • Computer training: It's essential to know how to operate a computer. We'll help men and women learn the basic skills for any job.
  • College degrees: Collaborating with two universities, we offer reduced tuition and scholarships.

Education equips the whole person for life after the Mission. We've seen men and women go from homeless to college graduates!

Continuing Education


Do you have questions about our education programs?

For men, get in touch with Philip — or (206) 432-8352.

For women, get in touch with Becky — or (206) 432-8485.

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